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Standard Welding Symbols and Application of Symbols

Location of Elements of a Welding Symbol
Image:751.5 Location of Elements of a Welding Symbol.gif

Basic Joints Identification of Arrow Side and Other Side Joint
Butt JointCorner JointT-Joint
Image:751.5 butt joint.gifImage:751.5 corner joint.gifImage:751.5 t joint.gif
Lap JointEdge JointProcess Abbreviations
Image:751.5 lap joint.gifImage:751.5 edge joint.gifWhere process abbreviations are to be included in the tail of the welding symbol, reference is made to Table 1, Designation of welding and Allied Processes by Letters, of ANSI/AWS A2.4.

Typical Welding Symbols
Double-Fillet Welding SymbolChain Intermittent Fillet Welding SymbolStaggered Intermittent Fillet Welding Symbol
Image:751.5 double-fillet welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 chain intermittent fillet welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 staggered intermittent fillet welding symbol1.gif
Plug Welding SymbolBack Welding SymbolBacking Welding Symbol
Image:751.5 plug welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 back welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 backing welding symbol.gif
Spot Welding SymbolStud Welding SymbolSeam Welding Symbol
Image:751.5 spot welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 stud welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 seam welding symbol.gif
Square-Groove Welding SymbolSingle-V-Groove Welding SymbolDouble-Bevel-Groove Welding Symbol
Image:751.5 square-groove welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 single-v-groove welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 double-bevel-groove welding symbol.gif
Symbol with BackgougingFlare-V-Groove Welding SymbolFlare-Bevel-Groove Welding Symbol
Image:751.5 symbol with backgouging.gifNot Permitted for BridgesNot Permitted for Bridges
Mutliple Reference LinesComplete PenetrationEdge Flange Welding Symbol
Image:751.5 multiple reference lines.gifImage:751.5 complete penetration.gifImage:751.5 edge flange welding symbol.gif
Flash or Upset Welding SymbolMelt-Thru SymbolJoint with Backing
Image:751.5 flush or upset welding symbol.gifImage:751.5 melt-thru symbol.gifImage:751.5 joint with backing.gif
Joint with SpacerFlush Contour SymbolConvex Contour Symbol
Image:751.5 joint with spacer.gifImage:751.5 flush contour symbol.gifImage:751.5 convex contour symbol.gif

Arrow-Side Continuous Fillet Welding
Image:751.5 arrow-side continuous fillet welding.gif
Other-Side Continuous Fillet Welding
Image:751.5 other-side continuous fillet welding.gif
Both-Side Continuous Fillet Welding
Image:751.5 both-side continuous fillet welding.gif
Size of Single-Fillet Weld
Image:751.5 size of single-fillet weld.gif
Size of Unequal Double-Fillet Welds
Image:751.5 size of unequal double-fillet welds.gif
Size of Fillet Weld having Unequal Legs
Image:751.5 size of fillet weld having unequal legs.gif
Lengths and Location of Fillet Welds
Image:751.5 length and location of fillet welds.gif
Fillet Welds with Abrupt Changes in Direction
Image:751.5 fillet welds with abrupt changes in direction.gif
Weld All-Around Symbols
Image:751.5 weld all-around symbols.gif
Image:751.5 weld all-around symbols-1.gif
Length and Pitch of Increments of Intermittent Welding
Image:751.5 length and pitch of increments of intermittent welding.gif
Length and Pitch of Increments of Chain Intermittent Welding
Image:751.5 length and pitch of increments of chain intermittent welding.gif
Detail of Steel Pile Splice
Image:751.5 detail of steel pile splice.gif

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